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Cast Iron Assembly Platform

Cast Iron Assembly Platform

The splicing cast iron flat plate (splicing platform) is suitable for the cast iron platform larger than 4000X8000, because the single block area is too large and it is not easy to transport or install the platform. It is completed by splicing small-sized cast iron platforms. This splicing method has no effect on the use.The hardness of the working surface of the spliced ​​cast iron plate (splicing platform) is 170-220, and it is made of high-strength cast iron HT200-300. The casting process of the splicing plate is resin sand casting. It is a process in which metal is smelted into a liquid that meets certain requirements and poured into a mold.

Iron Casting
China Precision Casting For Cast Iron Assembly Platform

After cooling, solidification, and cleaning, a casting with a predetermined shape, size and performance is obtained.

Because the casting blank is almost formed, it achieves the purpose of free machining or a small amount of processing, which reduces the cost and reduces the time to a certain extent. The precision of the splicing plate (splicing platform) is stable and the wear resistance is better.

Note on the use of spliced ​​cast iron plates: It is the same as the maintenance of cast iron plates. The tablet should be installed and debugged before use. Then, wipe the working surface of the plate clean, and use it under the condition that there is no problem. During use, pay attention to avoid excessive collision between the workpiece and the working surface of the plate to prevent damage to the working surface of the plate; the weight of the workpiece should not be Exceed the rated load of the plate, otherwise the work quality will be reduced, the structure of the plate may be damaged, and even the plate will be deformed, making it unusable. After the splicing plate is used, the working surface should be cleaned in time, then coated with a layer of anti-rust oil, and covered with anti-rust paper, and the cast iron plate should be covered with the outer packaging of the cast iron plate, so as to prevent the accidental damage to the cast iron plate. If the working surface is damaged, the plate should be installed in a ventilated and dry environment, away from heat sources, corrosive gases and corrosive liquids. Regular inspection, the inspection period can be 6-12 months according to the specific situation.


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