China BE-CU Foundry is top custom investment casting suppliers in China. We can serviced all kinds of different investment casting parts in stainless steel, iron, aluminum, steel,etc.Pls contact us via [email protected] if you have any need for investment casting solution!
Case Studies

304 Stainless Steel Precision Casting Agricultural Machinery Parts

Custom Agricultural Machinery Parts manufacturer of lost foam or wax, fourslide, shell mold, die, sand and investment castings

304-303 Stainless Steel Lost Wax Casting Bracelet Or Buckle

Custom Bracelet Or Buckle manufacturer of precision investment castings in materials including 304-303 Stainless Steel ,60-40 ductile iron per ASTM ...

Investment Casting Of 45# Steel

Custom 45# Steel parts manufacturer of investment grade castings made from alloy, bronze, aluminum, gray iron, malleable iron, ductile iron and white ...

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Oil Press Chamber Rod

Custom Stainless Steel manufacturer of precision investment castings for the Oil Press Chamber Rod industries.

304 Stainless Steel Sand Casting Components

Custom 304/316 Tee U-Bend manufacturer of heavy and large Stainless Steel investment castings. Processes include air set, pressurized, loose pattern ...

Automotive Shock Absorber Bracket By Casting Iron

Custom automotive shock absorber bracket manufacturer of gravity casting Iron and green sand castings made from carbon steel, stainless steel, tool ...

Custom Brass Fixtures By Sand Casting

Custom Brass Fixtures manufacturer of centrifugal, die, fourslide, investment, lost foam, lost wax, no bake, sand, spin, squeeze or squeezer and ...

Gravity Casting A3 Iron Hole Punch Rough

Custom A3 Iron hole punch rough manufacturer of sand casting and Gravity Casting. Other capabilities are aluminum die, investments, iron, steel, ...

Lost Wax Casting Badminton Racket Pulling Machine Accessories

Custom Badminton Racket Pulling Machine Accessories manufacturer of precision die, investment, sand and permanent mold castings

Lost Foam Casting 316 304 Stainless Steel High Heels Accessories

Custom 316 304 Stainless Steel High Heels Accessories manufacturer of lost wax and lost foam precision investment castings.Castings can be done from ...

Stainless Steel Precision Casting 180 Degrees Oven Freezer Cold Storage Heavy Duty Hinge

Custom 180 Degrees Oven Freezer Cold Storage Heavy Duty Hinge manufacturer of low and high pressure investment castings made from alloy steel, ...

Precision Casting Stainless Steel Fixture Accessories

Custom Fixture Accessories manufacturer of investment castings made from metal materials. Wax or styrene patterns are molded. Secondary services ...


China Foundry is advance investment casting foundry for various metal components in 1995. Our lost wax casting process provides a large freedom in both design and material choice for your desired parts.What’s more, our engineering departement will give you a complete casting proposal about product design, material choice, machining details, etc for your reference. Our business core is to provide quality precision castings with high working performance.



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