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What Is Graphite Casting

What Is Graphite Casting

Graphite mold casting is a casting method for pouring metal in a mold made of graphite material. The graphite type is usually made of graphite rods and blocks by cutting, and it is a semi-permanent type. Graphite type has low expansion coefficient, good thermal conductivity, is not eroded by molten metal, and will not stick to molds, so castings are accurate in size, smooth in surface, refined in crystal structure, and improved in mechanical properties. Usually used in non-ferrous alloy castings

In the past few decades, despite the rapid rise and significant development of other forming technologies such as investment casting, graphite casting technology has not only not been eliminated, but has received a lot of attention from domestic and foreign titanium alloy casting workers due to its excellent characteristics, and has continued to develop. Improve, enhance and promote, especially in large-scale titanium alloy casting, its technical flexibility and cost advantages are unmatched by other process methods.Molten metal can be cast with graphite molds. Graphite molds are reusable, but there are some designs that can only be used once. Precise and creative small grain castings can be directly cast using graphite molds.

The machined graphite type has the advantages of diverse process design, relatively stable casting quality, and short processing cycle. Therefore, the casting was cast using a machined graphite mold.

Graphite Casting in China

For Graphite Casting Require,Choose BE-CU Foundry

BE-CU Foundry graphite products are suitable for use in many fields, including EDM graphite electrode materials and processing, graphite heaters and clamps for photovoltaic solar applications, graphite products for machinery, graphite for optical fibers, high-purity graphite crucibles for precious metals, graphite products for non-ferrous metals, Sales and processing of imported graphite materials; quartz products include quartz products for glass industry, quartz crucibles for photovoltaic new energy industry, quartz products for optical fibers, quartz products for non-ferrous metal metallurgy…

As a leading graphite and quartz processing enterprise in China,Be-Cu Graphite always adheres to technology-oriented and continuous investment. The company’s R&D team has more than 10 highly educated talents. Customers provide OEM/OED multi-faceted cooperation and services, which have been widely praised by users from all walks of life for a long time!

Graphite Die Casting of Thin-walled Titanium Alloy Structural Parts

Titanium alloy has low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, and is especially resistant to marine weather corrosion. It is called “marine metal” and is widely used in marine engineering, especially light marine engineering equipment, which can greatly improve the operation of marine engineering equipment. Capability, safety and reliability are important strategic materials for building a maritime power. As a medium-strength α-type titanium alloy, TA5 titanium alloy has good welding performance and corrosion resistance, and is an ideal structural material in the marine environment. Currently, it is widely used in various mechanical parts in the field of shipbuilding.

Titanium alloy structural parts are made of ZTA5, which are small batches of thin-walled castings and are in the research and development stage. The production of metal molds, graphite tamping molds, oxide ceramic molds, etc. has a long cycle, high cost, and many influencing factors. [4-5]. The machined graphite type has the advantages of diverse process design, relatively stable casting quality, and short processing cycle. The casting was therefore cast using a machined graphite mold.

  • When thin-walled titanium alloy castings are produced with machined graphite molds, the graphite molds should be preheated first.
  • When setting the gating system, it should be optimized according to the structure of the casting to ensure the forming of the casting.
  • In order to ensure the large plane forming of the casting, it should be ensured that the large plane is in the lower mold during the process design.

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