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Wind Power Test Platform

Wind Power Test Platform

The material of the wind power test bench is HT200-300, and the hardness of the table surface is HB170-240. After two high-temperature tempering and aging treatments, it can fully meet the test conditions of various wind power generators.In order to facilitate the installation of the test equipment, the wind power test bench is machined with T-shaped grooves to facilitate the installation of motors—universal connectors—speed-increasing boxes—Vientiane connectors—wind power gearboxes— –Wind power gearbox——Vientiane connector—–dynamometer and other test equipment. The T-slot shall satisfy the longitudinal and transverse torques generated during the test.

China Wind Power Test Platform

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In order to achieve a better connection strength between the wind power test bench and the foundation, the wind power test bench is adjusted by a combination of ground anchors or anchor bolts and adjustment pads.

The specifications of the wind power test bench are generally splicing, which is formed by splicing a small platform as a whole. The splicing specifications are formulated according to the requirements of the test conditions. The accuracy of the wind power test bench is level 3.

It is suitable for use on the working plane of wind power companies, with holes and T-slots on it, which are used to fix the workpiece and clean up the iron filings generated during processing. This equipment is mainly used for the installation of wind turbines and the clamping connection during the test; it meets the requirements for the platform during the dynamic test and ensures the reliability and safety of the test.


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