China BE-CU Foundry is top custom investment casting suppliers in China. We can serviced all kinds of different investment casting parts in stainless steel, iron, aluminum, steel,etc.Pls contact us via [email protected] if you have any need for investment casting solution!
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The Advantages And Disadvantages Comparison Of Six Casting Methods

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Pressed Silicone Casting Mold

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Elbow Ball Mould

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Blade Moulds

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Double Gate Mould

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China Foundry is advance investment casting foundry for various metal components in 1995. Our lost wax casting process provides a large freedom in both design and material choice for your desired parts.What’s more, our engineering departement will give you a complete casting proposal about product design, material choice, machining details, etc for your reference. Our business core is to provide quality precision castings with high working performance.



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