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Elbow Ball Mould

At present, in the process of production and forming of seamless elbows, there are two processing techniques. One is to pass the ball, which is a traditional processing technology. The elbow of the ball passing has a very round mouth and a soft back curve. But he has a big defect that the wall thickness of the back is greatly reduced, that is, when passing the ball, when the ball passes through the middle part of the elbow, the material of the back is brought to the mouth, resulting in the wall thickness of the back is not thick enough. According to the production Based on experience, the wall thickness of the back of the ball is reduced by 20-25%. In order to solve the problem of too much wall reduction in the ball, the process was improved and the core rod was used. The wall reduction of the elbow made of the core rod can be controlled at about 10-15%, which is basically the same as the standard wall thickness requirement.

However, the end of the stick made by the core stick is a little elliptical, and the curve of the back does not seem to be as soft as the ball. In order to solve this problem, we generally pass the ball after the stick is made. achieve perfection. Therefore, the products made by core sticks are more expensive than those made by balls.

Advantages of cold-pressed stainless steel elbows The current stainless steel elbows are generally the same as carbon steel elbows. There will be such and such problems, but cold pressing will solve many problems. Pintejin foundry will share with you some advantages of cold-pressed stainless steel elbows.

  • The product quality of the cold-pressed stainless steel elbow is good, the appearance is beautiful, the surface of the inner and outer tube walls of the elbow is smooth and complete, and there are no defects such as wrinkle and duckbill.
  • The bending angle and bending radius of the cold-pressed stainless steel elbow are relatively accurate.
  • The thinning plate of the pipe wall of the cold-pressed stainless steel elbow is small, and the thickness of the pipe wall changes evenly.
  • This kind of stamping elbow has a small radius of curvature and a small machining allowance. It is economical to cut material and greatly saves expensive stainless steel pipes. At the same time, cold-pressed stainless steel elbows are required.


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